Vision Support Team
The Vision Support Team work with children and young people and their families to ensure access to everyday learning opportunities in a wide range of settings including homes, nurseries, schools and colleges, alongside their peers. Individualised programmes, specialist teaching and support is given, appropriate to need, as part of a graduated approach to ensure inclusion in the community and social and emotional wellbeing.
Scunthorpe North
Brumby Learning Centre
Grange Lane North
North Lincolnshire
DN16 1BN
Open referral system. Team accept referrals from parents / carers and professionals
All children and young people will be encouraged to make good use of their vision to access learning . Advice will be given to schools and settings regarding environmental audit and visual awareness training is offered to staff.

Children and young people will benefit from reasonable adjustments, practical modifications to resources and auxiliary aids to enable them to access learning. They will make good use of ICT to help them become independent learners.

Children and Young People will benefit from specialist teaching to access the curriculum and develop skills for learning such as braille. They will develop mobility and independent living skills to access the environment and gain independence by following specialist programmes of Habilitation

Parents and Carers

Parents and Carers are consulted throughout our term of involvement.

Children and Young People

Views of children and young people are considered and recorded throughout our term of involvement.