The Autism Spectrum Education Team (ASET) aims to provide support so children and young people on the Autism Spectrum in North Lincolnshire can:

  • have equal access to every part of education
  • achieve their full potential in school and in the wider world
  • avoid being disadvantaged in society by their individual perspectives and experiences of the world
  • benefit from schools and settings that understand the Autism Spectrum and help them to learn in the best way for them

Once you receive the diagnostic paperwork you will also have been automatically referred to ASET and in due course you will receive an invite for one of our Parenting courses.

Talk to your child’s school. They may already be aware and be working with you and your child.

Ask for an Early Help assessment to be opened if there is not one in place. This will help bring other agencies to meetings to discuss support.

Look at our Local Offer pages for other support agencies, for example SENDIASS, Short Breaks, Carers Support Service, and PIP.

There are also lots of national organisations which have informative websites for example the National Autistic Society.

We provide support to children, young people and families including:

  • Information about the Autism Spectrum and related difficulties including a library of resources.
  • Support for your child in their setting.
  • Working with other professionals and agencies who may be of help to the family.
  • Parent / carer coffee mornings in Scunthorpe at the ASET bases.
  • Parent support groups in Brigg and Epworth, which are open to all.
  • SCIP – Supporting Social Communication and Interaction – a Programme for Parents and Professionals – an eight week course for families of children and young people up to age 11 with a diagnosis of ASD or at ‘Watchful Wait.’
  • SPAA – Support for Parents of Autistic Adolescents – an eight week programme delivered by the Team to support the parents of teenagers who are on the Autism Spectrum.
  • Workshops for parents who have attended SCIP or SPAA such as Writing Social Stories.

We work with the brothers and sisters of children who are on the Autism Spectrum, who may require support in understanding autism.

We provide support to schools, settings and other agencies including:

  • A Support and Strategies Tool which helps school identify needs and put in place simple strategies to help your child.
  • Support packages and individual help to develop the communication, social interaction, imaginative and emotional skills of your child at all stages of school and college.
  • Information about the Autism Spectrum and related difficulties alongside access to a library of resources.
  • Training for staff in all aspects of the Autism Spectrum.
  • Advice to staff on your child’s individual barriers to learning.
  • Educating classmates about the Autism Spectrum.
  • Help for your child to transition smoothly from class to class and school to school and  beyond.
  • We work closely with other professionals to provide ‘joined up’ support.
  • We are able to offer bespoke training for agencies and professionals.

These are the people in our team:

  • Nicola Stephenson, Lead Teacher
  • Clare Noble, Teacher in charge of Primary
  • Sarah Huddart, Outreach Practitioner
  • Julie Dawson, Outreach Practitioner
  • Karen Clifford, Outreach Practitioner
  • Angela Pell, Outreach Practitioner
  • Tamara Pullan, Outreach Practitioner
  • Vicki Turner, Specialist Teacher (Base)

Primary Base

c/o Oasis Academy Parkwood
Plymouth Road
DN17 1SS

Tel: 01724 872938

Secondary Base

c/o Melior Community College
Chandos Road
DN17 1HA

Tel: 01724 292908

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Further Information

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01724 296679

Scunthorpe South
Early Learning Development Centre
Ashby High Street
North Lincolnshire
DN16 2RY

Last modified: May 14, 2019