Referral Pathways

If you have concerns that your child may have:

  • speech and language needs
  • communication and interaction needs
  • an Autistic spectrum disorder
  • ADHD
  • a Learning or Physical difficulty
  • or a social and emotional developmental need

then you may want to attend one of the Educational Psychology/Specialist Teacher drop-ins at a children’s centre, talk to your health visitor, GP, a Paediatrician, a therapist, the SENCO at your child’s setting, the Mental Health Champion or CAMHS.

Early Years triage

If your child is pre-school and it is felt that your child may have a significant delay in their development, in communication and interaction or in managing their behaviour then your health visitor or nursery or Paediatrician may refer you to the Early Years triage. The Early Years Triage is made up of representatives from health visitors, speech and language therapy services, Educational Psychology, Portage, Autistic Spectrum Education Team, Behaviour Support 2-12 , other specialist teachers and the Early Years Team.

A member of staff from Triage will follow up each referral and involve other members of the group when needed.

School Age

If your child is school age and you have concerns about their development and progress at home and at school, including having an Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ADHD, then please talk to your Senco/ Mental Health Champion in school. They will be able to use the assessment toolkits they have been provided with and put some supportive strategies in place straight away. These toolkits have been designed by our specialist services. They include one for autism, one for behaviour and one for sensory differences. You can use the strategies suggested at home too.

Through the Graduated approach they will gather information together and they will be able to refer your child to Specialist Teaching Services, Educational Psychology and CAMHS if appropriate.

The Children Centres can also give you advise and support or give you information about a useful course or activities for your child to join in with. The Children Centres have a close link with Health Visitors and nursing services. They offer guidance on sleep, positive behaviour strategies and living with teenagers.


If you think that your child may have an autistic spectrum disorder or Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder they will be referred onto a Pathway. If they are pre-school then they will be referred onto an assessment pathway through the Early Years Triage with the support of the Speech and Language Therapy team (see Therapy pathways). If they are school age then they will be referred directly to CAMHS through the SENCO, mental Health Champion of their school, Health Visitor or GP.

If your child has significant developmental delay or a disability and they are pre-school then the Portage team may well become involved and are likely to work closely with Educational Psychology and your child’s paediatrician. If your child has significant development delay and they are school age then they will be referred to the Educational Psychology Service by the SENCO of their school.

EHC Plans

All staff are able to provide you with advice and support or signpost you to other services which will help you support your child to make progress. If your child would benefit from an Educational Health and Care plan then they will write reports to help the SEND panel make its recommendations.


Portage, Educational Psychology, and Specialist Teaching teams all support the transition of children with additional needs into schools. Educational Psychologists and Specialist Teaching teams will continue to work with your child when they transfer into a school. The Autistic Spectrum Education Team and The Behaviour Support Team also support Transition from Primary to Secondary schools.

Further Information

Useful documents


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Monarch House
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Tel: 01724 203755


Opening times:

Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm

The Children’s Therapy Team in North Lincolnshire includes the following paediatric services:

  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition and Dietetic Service

Services are offered to children and young people 0-16/19 years of age. The team is based in Scunthorpe but works across the North Lincolnshire area. Referrals are received from a range of sources including Consultants, GPs, Health Visitors, schools, early years providers, other professionals (for example Portage, ASET, Educational Psychologist) and parents. We have attached further information showing the pathway and criteria for referrals to our services.

Appointments are offered within clinics, schools, and special schools. Home visits are offered to children dependent upon their clinical need, and children will also be seen within a hospital setting as appropriate. An overview of the pathway for support and therapy has been included which shows the journey a child may take following their assessment our teams.

Our main aims are to help children and young people to:

  • Develop and make progress at school/nursery to the best of their ability
  • Be as independent as possible and make choices for themselves
  • Have satisfying relationships at home and at school
  • Participate and feel confident
  • Be free from discomfort, stay well and be safe

Therapy Service Pathways

Each Service within the Children’s Therapy Team has a detailed pathway showing the steps that take place following referral as well as the journey your child may take after assessment. Further Information about services can be accessed through the NLaG Trust website.

Below are some useful information booklets for parents and carers relating to Developmental Language Disorder, Selective Mutism and Stammering.

Last modified: March 4, 2019